Solid State Drive (SSD) Upgrades.

Instead of buying a new computer, you may want to consider upgrading your HDD (Hard Disk Drive) to a SSD (Solid State Drive).

Solid State Drives (aka SSD Drives), dramatically improve the performance of your machine typically at least 3 times faster startup and program load times.

    Buy New Machine
  • ~$600+ Purchase cost. Hard to find one with an SSD at this price.
  • Data Transfer.
  • Email, Printer and Scanner setup.
  • Other logins, I.e. Facebook, Google, etc.
  • Usually well over $800 and a lot of time later.
    SSD Upgrade
  • Typically 2.5 hours labor (Depending on condition of original drive). We will typically take the machine off-site to clone it.
  • SSD Drive cost. Typically around $100+.
  • Half the cost at least of a new machine.

The next most likely part of computer to fail is the Power Supply Unit (PSU). This is typically a fairly inexpensive repair as well. Chances are the machine will last another 3 to 5 years at least.

More reliable than traditional hard drives. No moving parts, so less chance of shock damage or mechanical failure. Most SSDs are rated at 650TB or more written before failure. That equates to over 180GB a day for 10 years. The average hard drive has a 50% chance of surviving for 6 years.

    WARNING: Backup your data.
  • The drive will fail eventually.
  • Power failures are more likely to cause data loss than traditional HDDs and in rare occasions unmountable drives.
  • Don't defragment SSD drives. It will reduce the life of the drive.
  • Deleted files are harder to recover from SSD drives due to TRIM (frees deleted data for use).
  • Not suitable for long term offline storage. Will lose data if not powered for long periods of time.